Mail Order Bride Audrey (Brides Of Montana #2)

Mail order bride Audrey



** A clean historical novella **

In this second book of the Brides of Montana Series, Audrey Burns deepens her romance with her mail-order husband, Owen McGuire. After her shock revelation that she’s an expert horsewoman, Audrey finds a new purpose working the McGuire cattle herd on their annual drive to the auction yards in Helena, Montana. When Jack McGuire recovers from his fall from his horse and takes to the saddle again, Audrey reluctantly gives up her position among the cowboys and retreats to the chuck wagon with the women. But circumstances don’t allow her to remain on the shelf for long. Catastrophe strikes the cattle drive again and again, each time calling on Audrey to rise to the occasion and use her skills and her indomitable spirit to rescue the operation from disaster.
Audrey’s new family discovers a depth of courage and determination in her they never thought possible. One by one, she wins the admiration of each person in the company. But Audrey has a secret no one knows, the secret of why she became a mail-order bride in the first place. Before this cattle drive ends, her cherished family and her budding attachment for Owen will face the ultimate test of love and loyalty when they find out she isn’t the person they think she is.

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