Mail Order Bride Philomena (Brides Of Montana #3)

Mail order bride philomena - clean cowboy romance


* A clean historical cowboy romance novella *

Book 3 of The Montana Bride Series completes the saga of Philomena Harcourt’s experience on the McGuire cattle drive across Frontier Montana. After a rocky start, Irene and Audrey McGuire prove themselves strong and capable Frontier women. Their husbands, Jack and Owen McGuire, can’t stop marvelling how they saved the cattle drive from disaster. But what about seventeen-year-old Philly? Why can’t she be happy with her own role in the operation? Why isn’t she satisfied with her competence and skill, keeping the family fed and tending camp? Isn’t she capable of more than the same old domestic drudgery?
Philly’s young husband, Joel, doesn’t think any less of her than he does Irene and Audrey. He loves and values her just the way she is, even if she is so deathly afraid of horses that she won’t learn to ride them or even drive the chuck wagon. It’s Philly herself who can’t get over her limitations. She won’t put aside her own insecurities to be satisfied with the blessings of her new marriage. She worried herself sick trying to come up with some way to prove herself equal to her fellow mail-order brides.
But the cattle drive isn’t over yet. More trials await the family in the last few days of their journey. Philly must dig deep inside herself to find the strength and courage to meet these events and overcome them. By the end of the cattle drive, all the demons of her past life will be exorcised, leaving her free to embrace the future with a new spirit.

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