Mail Order Bride Irene (Brides Of Montana #1)

mail order bride Irene by Kate Whitsby

** Clean, Historical Romance Novella **

In Book 1 of The Brides of Montana series, Irene Gleeson leaves behind a heart-breaking past for a new life on the Montana Frontier. After her late husband’s untimely death, his family drives Irene from her home in coastal Rhode Island with accusations that she caused his death. Their malicious hostility leaves Irene no choice but to throw herself on the mercy of the mail-order matrimony system. Irene knows nothing about the place she’s going or the man she will marry. She only knows the name of the homestead at the end of the railroad line: Fiddler’s Green.
What she finds shakes her to her core. Three generations of McGuire men live and work together on the remote ranch in the farthest reaches of Montana. They’ve been alone so long, they are at each other’s throats with non-stop arguing over every detail of their lives. When Irene finds herself betrothed to the aging grandfather, Jack McGuire, she grieves for her dreams of a happy home with children. Jack, on the other hand, hasn’t given up hope so easily. Through his plan to bring mail-order brides to the ranch for himself, his son, and his grandson, he hopes to stem the tide of animosity tearing their family apart. Can Irene and her fellow mail-order brides unite this family in a common purpose?
On top of everything else, the autumn season comes bearing down on them. The family must work together to round up their cattle herds and drive them to the stock yards before the winter weather strikes. Can they set aside their differences long enough to accomplish this one last desperate act? Or will bitterness and hurt tear them apart and lead them all to disaster?


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