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Florence’s Mail Order Husband (Texas Prairie Brides: Book 3)

florence's mail order husband by Kate Whitsby

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Book 3 of The Texas Prairie Brides series concludes the saga of Florence Abbot’s journey to love and happiness. Mr. Acton Abbot isn’t happy at all about his beloved daughter’s decision to get a mail-order husband. He always hoped she would marry the son of another cattle baron. What if her new husband is some uncouth cattle puncher—or worse? In spite of all his warm feelings for Bill Bailey and Grant Ewing, he dreads the day his new son-in-law arrives on the ranch to steal his precious Florence away.
But Mr. Abbot gets a pleasant surprise when Foster Gregory shows up. The son of a steel tycoon from Back East, he appears on the surface to be everything Mr. Abbot ever dreamed of. Bill and Grant don’t think much of him, though. He’s got a long way to go before he’s ready to take over the ranch. They can hardly disguise their contempt when he first approaches them to ask them to show him the ropes. Only after he loses some of his big-city shine do they start to understand he’s sincere about learning the way of life on the Frontier.
Florence, on the other hand, falls instantly and madly in love with her new husband. He sweeps her off her feet, and she finds herself being transformed into someone she never thought possible. Where will her marriage take her? Will Foster take over the Double A Ranch, leaving Florence in her old place as queen of the castle? Or will they wind up getting drawn away into an unknown world of limitless horizons and unfathomable possibilities?

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Abigail’s Mail Order Husband (Texas Prairie Brides: Book 2)

abigails mail order husband



In Book 2 of The Texas Brides series, Abigail Doering begins her new life as Mrs. Abigail Ewing, mail-order bride to Grant Ewing of the Texas Rangers. After getting married on the spur of the moment in Borger, Texas, Grant and Abigail come home to Abigail’s cottage on the Double A Ranch. Grace and Bill Bailey have decided to stay on, too, at least until Bill finishes breaking in the mustangs running free near the ranch. Once that job is finished, Grace and Bill will set off for the northern Rocky Mountains to start a new life on the Frontier.
Grant and Abigail set up house in the hopes of escaping the kind of chaotic drama Grace and Bill faced. But their hopes and expectations soon fall to pieces when spoiled and conceited Florence Abbot gets up to her old tricks. Not content with making peace with Grace and Bill after Bill saved her life, she turns her critical eye on Abigail. She finds every excuse to needle Abigail and meddle with her new marriage. Her constant interference demands all the newlyweds’ patience and love to deepen their connection to each other without falling into Florence’s traps.
In the meantime, Grant has work to do, tracking down the gang of outlaws marauding on the prairie. With autumn coming on and the cowboys returning from Amarillo, tensions run high on the ranch. The ranch owner, Mr. Acton Abbot, also returns from Amarillo. He brings with him the profits from the cattle drive, luring the outlaws out of hiding and tempting them to evil deeds. In the flush of his new love for Abigail, Grant rallies Bill to help him protect the ranch. But before anyone can live happily ever after, all the newlyweds must join forces to save themselves and their new loves from the forces bent on their destruction.

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Hannah’s Mail Order Husband (Montana Prairie Brides: Book 3)

hannah's mail order husband by Kate



In Book 3 of the Montana Prairie Brides series, the romance deepens between Hannah and her new husband, Peter Cummings. Hannah isn’t happy with her mail-order husband. She just buried her first husband after a battle with influenza, and she got a new husband to help her keep her ranch going. But her new husband, Peter, isn’t cut out for the job at all. He’s weak, and he’s sick. Can he ever be more than a millstone around Hannah’s neck?
It’s bad enough that she can’t enjoy the intimacy of her good friends, Katie Matthis and Josie Eaton, the way she used to. Why does Hannah feel so guilty about her situation that she won’t even confide in her dearest friends? They would help her if they only knew what’s bothering her. But Hannah can’t bring herself to share her burden with anyone. Peter’s illness puts a strain on her she can hardly bear. Keeping her feelings and worries bottled up only makes them more unbearable by the day.
Hannah would love to end this ill-fated marriage. She even plans how to do it. Peter misrepresented himself when they corresponded by mail about getting married, so Hannah may have grounds to send him packing. The only problem is she’s starting to love him. Before she makes the biggest mistake of her life, Peter will show her he’s not ready to roll over and die without winning her love for good.

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Josie’s Mail Order Husband (Montana Prairie Brides: Book 2)

josie's mail order


Book 2 of the Montana Prairie Brides Series reveals the resolves of Josie Campbell’s husband, Jim Eaton. After Jim takes after Katie Matthis with a gun, everyone at Campbell’s Corner fears their new neighbor must be a murderous villain. Even Josie can hardly bear to live in the same house with him. She can only relive the nightmare of her first husband’s death. Everywhere she turns, she sees guns in every corner of her house. What if Jim shoots himself the way John Campbell did, or worse yet, someone else?
In spite of her fear, Josie can’t help falling for handsome Jim. His magnetic personality and burning sincerity wins Josie’s heart, even as she struggles to understand his hostility toward their neighbors. Josie finds her heart and her loyalty torn between her new husband and her closest friends.
Meanwhile, something unusual is going on at the Dempsey Ranch between Hannah and her new husband, Peter Cummings. He’s not like any cowboy they’ve seen before, and no one can understand how they’re going to manage their ranch.
Will Josie find a way to reconcile her old loyalties to her new life? If Jim really is as dangerous as Katie and the others think he is, how can Josie get out of a marriage to this dangerous criminal? When the situation reaches its ultimate climax, Josie must use all her strength to bring her friends and her husband together in harmony at last.


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Katie’s Mail Order Husband (Montana Prairie Brides: Book 1)

katie's mail order husband, montana prairie brides book 1



A clean historical western cowboy romance.

In Book 1 of the Montana Prairie Brides series, Katie Corning marries her mail-order husband, Jason Matthis. Three ranches converge at Campbell’s Corner in the distant prairie Frontier outside Sidney, Montana. The Corning Ranch, the Campbell Ranch, and the Dempsey Ranch share a common fence corner and a water pump. The three ranch wives meet at the pump to share their cares and concerns. When, through varied circumstances, each one finds herself widowed, they meet again to console and support each other.
Katie Corning still can’t stop crying from the loss of her husband to influenza last winter. She doesn’t know how she’ll keep the ranch going without him. So she listens eagerly when her neighbor and friend, Hannah Dempsey, shows her a newspaper advertisement for the mail-order matrimony service. Hannah convinces Katie and their other young neighbor, Josie Campbell, to get mail-order.
The three men they get as husbands couldn’t be more different. Katie’s husband, Jason, is young, easy-going, and gentle, while Josie’s husband, Jim Eaton, is brooding and volatile. Hannah’s husband, Peter Cummings, is older, educated, and carrying a secret that will put his new marriage to the test. The three friends strike out on three different courses that sometimes converge and even conflict with each other. Marriage to these men challenges everything they knew about themselves and marriage, and brings each one to a different conclusion and, ultimately, a different destiny.

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Mail Order Bride Philomena (Brides Of Montana #3)

Mail order bride philomena - clean cowboy romance


* A clean historical cowboy romance novella *

Book 3 of The Montana Bride Series completes the saga of Philomena Harcourt’s experience on the McGuire cattle drive across Frontier Montana. After a rocky start, Irene and Audrey McGuire prove themselves strong and capable Frontier women. Their husbands, Jack and Owen McGuire, can’t stop marvelling how they saved the cattle drive from disaster. But what about seventeen-year-old Philly? Why can’t she be happy with her own role in the operation? Why isn’t she satisfied with her competence and skill, keeping the family fed and tending camp? Isn’t she capable of more than the same old domestic drudgery?
Philly’s young husband, Joel, doesn’t think any less of her than he does Irene and Audrey. He loves and values her just the way she is, even if she is so deathly afraid of horses that she won’t learn to ride them or even drive the chuck wagon. It’s Philly herself who can’t get over her limitations. She won’t put aside her own insecurities to be satisfied with the blessings of her new marriage. She worried herself sick trying to come up with some way to prove herself equal to her fellow mail-order brides.
But the cattle drive isn’t over yet. More trials await the family in the last few days of their journey. Philly must dig deep inside herself to find the strength and courage to meet these events and overcome them. By the end of the cattle drive, all the demons of her past life will be exorcised, leaving her free to embrace the future with a new spirit.

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Mail Order Bride Audrey (Brides Of Montana #2)

Mail order bride Audrey



** A clean historical novella **

In this second book of the Brides of Montana Series, Audrey Burns deepens her romance with her mail-order husband, Owen McGuire. After her shock revelation that she’s an expert horsewoman, Audrey finds a new purpose working the McGuire cattle herd on their annual drive to the auction yards in Helena, Montana. When Jack McGuire recovers from his fall from his horse and takes to the saddle again, Audrey reluctantly gives up her position among the cowboys and retreats to the chuck wagon with the women. But circumstances don’t allow her to remain on the shelf for long. Catastrophe strikes the cattle drive again and again, each time calling on Audrey to rise to the occasion and use her skills and her indomitable spirit to rescue the operation from disaster.
Audrey’s new family discovers a depth of courage and determination in her they never thought possible. One by one, she wins the admiration of each person in the company. But Audrey has a secret no one knows, the secret of why she became a mail-order bride in the first place. Before this cattle drive ends, her cherished family and her budding attachment for Owen will face the ultimate test of love and loyalty when they find out she isn’t the person they think she is.

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Mail Order Bride Irene (Brides Of Montana #1)

mail order bride Irene by Kate Whitsby

** Clean, Historical Romance Novella **

In Book 1 of The Brides of Montana series, Irene Gleeson leaves behind a heart-breaking past for a new life on the Montana Frontier. After her late husband’s untimely death, his family drives Irene from her home in coastal Rhode Island with accusations that she caused his death. Their malicious hostility leaves Irene no choice but to throw herself on the mercy of the mail-order matrimony system. Irene knows nothing about the place she’s going or the man she will marry. She only knows the name of the homestead at the end of the railroad line: Fiddler’s Green.
What she finds shakes her to her core. Three generations of McGuire men live and work together on the remote ranch in the farthest reaches of Montana. They’ve been alone so long, they are at each other’s throats with non-stop arguing over every detail of their lives. When Irene finds herself betrothed to the aging grandfather, Jack McGuire, she grieves for her dreams of a happy home with children. Jack, on the other hand, hasn’t given up hope so easily. Through his plan to bring mail-order brides to the ranch for himself, his son, and his grandson, he hopes to stem the tide of animosity tearing their family apart. Can Irene and her fellow mail-order brides unite this family in a common purpose?
On top of everything else, the autumn season comes bearing down on them. The family must work together to round up their cattle herds and drive them to the stock yards before the winter weather strikes. Can they set aside their differences long enough to accomplish this one last desperate act? Or will bitterness and hurt tear them apart and lead them all to disaster?


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Allegra’s Mail Order Husband – A Clean Historical Mail Order Bride Story (Texas Brides Book 3)

allegra's mail order husband

Book 3 of The Texas Brides Series takes place nine months after Amelia Goodkind marries Bruce Manfield. Eldest sister Alma McCann now has a beautiful baby daughter, Flora, the newest member of the family. Amelia is pregnant and unable to leave her bed for more than a few minutes without feeling sick. Jude McCann and Bruce Manfield, their husbands, work to build their houses down by the river in between tending their duties on the ranch. Of the three range-riding, cattle-busting sisters, only Allegra remains in the saddle, herding the stock to water at the river and protecting them from marauding predators.
Now the moment of Allegra’s destiny is at hand. The decision she made nine months ago, when Bruce Manfield defeated Jude McCann to seal the sisters’ right to run their own ranch, is coming to fruition. The day of her mail-order wedding draws near. But Allegra has different plans for her wedding than her sisters did. She doesn’t plan to wear her mother’s wedding dress or go to the altar with her family in attendance. She plans to run off, meet her groom alone, and get married on her own terms before bringing him home.
But Allegra still harbors the secret that kept her alone for so long. What will her husband do when he finds out the truth about her? And no one realizes that he, too, hides an explosive secret that could derail all their plans and dreams.


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Amelia’s Mail Order Husband (Texas Brides #2)

Amelias mail order husband by Kate Whitsby

In this second book of The Texas Brides Series, Amelia Goodkind marries Bruce Manfield from El Paso, Texas. When Amelia first brings Bruce home, Jude and Alma and Allegra laugh at him. He’s a big, gangly hulk of a man, but he’s clumsy and ungainly in his movements, unlike delicate, careful Amelia. Jude especially sees Bruce as an easy target for his pointed sense of humor. The sisters can’t figure out why Bruce doesn’t stand up to his much smaller brother-in-law, when he could put Jude in his place with a flick of his wrist. No amount of encouragement from anyone can prod Bruce into asserting himself. He even seems to go out of his way to bow to Jude’s will. Even Alma finds Jude’s behavior toward Bruce disturbing.
But no one on the Goodkind ranch knows that Bruce is hiding an explosive secret, one which will transform the relationships of this family forever. The introduction of another man into the family brings fresh complications to the fragile peace established after Jude’s arrival. Competing loyalties and affections breed conflicts and misunderstandings, until everyone stands against everyone else. Only Amelia’s unwavering faith in her new husband carries them through to the ultimate climax. In his last battle, Bruce finds a strength he never knew he had in Amelia’s love.


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