Mail Order Maggie (Chapman Mail Order Brides #2)

mail order maggie200x300This book chronicles the adventures of Maggie Clement in her quest for love and   marriage among the Chapman brothers of Snake River, Idaho. Now that the eldest brother Parker is set to marry Marion Johnson, chaos ensues for Maggie and fellow mail-order bride Melody Hanson. Neither of the remaining two brothers wants to marry either Maggie or Melody. Worst of all, the whole group is about to set off for Boise, Idaho, to get married. Can Maggie win the heart of maverick Paul in time? At the same time, Maggie struggles to come to grips with her new environment and the demands of a new way of life. Marion and Melody try to help her any way they can and teach her the skills she needs to survive. Cast adrift in the remote wilderness with only their prospective grooms for company and assistance, the three women grow closer until they feel like real sisters. But this same closeness only results in deeper conflicts and hurt feelings as the women vie for the attention and affections of the men. Maggie soon discovers that no one can teach her the way to her future husband’s heart. She will have to find that path for herself, and it could turn out much different than she expects.






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