Mail Order Melody (Chapman Mail Order Brides #3)

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Mail Order Melody concludes the Chapman Mail Order Bride Series, unraveling the mystery of Melody Hansen, the third and final Chapman Family Mail Order Bride. After Melody’s intended groom, Prescott, runs off to the altar with Maggie Clement, Melody finds herself alone on the steps of the church with the surly and intransigent middle brother, Paul. Despite his repeated assertions that he doesn’t want to get married, Paul cannot bring himself to defy the directives of his older brother, Parker, by leaving Melody unmarried and abandoned at the church door. He accompanies her to the altar, where they complete the ceremony. He hears her speak for the first time when she says, “I do.”
Outside the church, Paul and Melody find Parker and Marion, Prescott and Maggie gone, with no indication where they went. They also find the wagon gone, with no other transportation besides Paul’s horse. After Melody changes out of her wedding dress, she finds herself with no choice but to climb up behind Paul’s saddle. Riding together, they make their way through the snow-laden landscape toward their homestead on the Snake River. On the way, Paul finds out who and what his new bride really is, and she isn’t at all what he expected.





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