Allegra’s Mail Order Husband – A Clean Historical Mail Order Bride Story (Texas Brides Book 3)

allegra's mail order husband

Book 3 of The Texas Brides Series takes place nine months after Amelia Goodkind marries Bruce Manfield. Eldest sister Alma McCann now has a beautiful baby daughter, Flora, the newest member of the family. Amelia is pregnant and unable to leave her bed for more than a few minutes without feeling sick. Jude McCann and Bruce Manfield, their husbands, work to build their houses down by the river in between tending their duties on the ranch. Of the three range-riding, cattle-busting sisters, only Allegra remains in the saddle, herding the stock to water at the river and protecting them from marauding predators.
Now the moment of Allegra’s destiny is at hand. The decision she made nine months ago, when Bruce Manfield defeated Jude McCann to seal the sisters’ right to run their own ranch, is coming to fruition. The day of her mail-order wedding draws near. But Allegra has different plans for her wedding than her sisters did. She doesn’t plan to wear her mother’s wedding dress or go to the altar with her family in attendance. She plans to run off, meet her groom alone, and get married on her own terms before bringing him home.
But Allegra still harbors the secret that kept her alone for so long. What will her husband do when he finds out the truth about her? And no one realizes that he, too, hides an explosive secret that could derail all their plans and dreams.


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